Is it someone that works tirelessly to improve their health, both mental and physical? Is it someone that fights everyday to survive even when everyone tells them to give up?

Is it someone that puts down boundaries, asks people to respect those boundaries, and when they choose not to, they remove that person from their life?

Or is it someone that invites a wonderful human into their home, spends the evening chatting about life, and never once wastes a moment of attention on their cell phone?

The reason I am trying to process this concept of the coward is because I was called one via text message by a ghost from my past.

Funny thing about all of this is that she ASSUMES that she’s so special that I would specifically target her by avoiding her calls rather than realize the truth, which is that I was just hanging out with a friend and not paying attention to my phone. Narcissism is a truly fascinating character trait.

Anyway, what is truly ironic, is that I would have returned her call had it been a message that said, “Hey, it’s been awhile. Give me a call,” or better yet, “Hey, I’m sorry for the way that I behaved, and I would like to talk,” but that is not what I got.

Instead, I received several phone calls back-to-back with one drunken voicemail intertwined by the text messages from above, and frankly, none of that really makes me want to return the calls and/or the text messages. I don’t believe that has anything to do with cowardice, even if I had seen the calls and messages, and chose not to return the calls. It just means that I don’t need people like you in my life.

In fact, all it really did was reinforce why I needed to remove you from my life when I did.

So, in all fairness, thank you for that.

The great thing about Brainspotting is how it can take you to lands far, far away … including that one time in that Holiday Inn over by the Gilcrease Museum. I locked myself into that hotel room for almost a week to finish a research paper and study for exams while watching every episode of Happy Tree Friends. #EverythingIsConnected.

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