I Brought You into This World, and I Can Take You from It Just the Same.

The Evil Cunt That Gave Birth to It.

On my way to the PCP today, and I heard this song on my AppleMusics. What blew my mind was that I hadn’t heard the saying in the chorus in a few decades.

The Evil … that Gave Birth to Me used to say this same phrase, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you from it.”

This was usually said after she let her Psych. Patient boyfriend from Parkside beat me to a pulp. (I was 13-years-old. She still has him as a friend on her FB.) #GoodTimes

I tried to call the police after the last time he grabbed me by my hair and repeatedly punched me in the face before slamming my head into the sheetrock at those apartments behind Bishop Kelly. She picked up the phone and started to hand it to me. She then pulled it back, and I will never forget what she said. She asked me if I would be okay with all of my siblings ending up in foster care? I was like, what?!? She said that if I called the police and told them what happened that they would take all of us and probably split us up into boy’s homes or foster care. Did I want that to happen to my brothers and sister?

What I didn’t realize as a kid is that my Grandmother, or the person that I called my Dad, would have taken us before any of us would have been sent to state custody.

The positive in all this is that my Gramma came and got me a few days later.

I’m certain my mother told her that I was causing problems with her and her psych patient boyfriend.

I have a feeling my Gramma knew the truth.

PS One of a few different periods when no one seemed to realize I wasn’t in school.

My Gramma enrolled me into Claremore as soon as I moved in with her.

So, I got a portion of 8th grade in an actual education setting.

So far, held back a year before Kindergarten even started.

Missed most of 4th and 5th grade because of the year of never-ending fevers.

Missed a huge chunk of 6th grade because Grampa died, parents started divorcing, and nobody seemed to notice.

Missed most of 7th grade.

Missed a chunk of 8th grade.

Dropped out of 9th grade after a couple of months. Don’t think anyone noticed.

Went back, dropped out again.

Went back, but this time to Alternative Learning.

Dropped out again, and went to Rogers State University.

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