les mots


It’s like a built-in dictionary for people that want to know more about what a word means, but they are too lazy to actually look it up in a dictionary.

Frankly, none of this is relevant.

Language is dead.

“The Site” is absolutely speechless as to what in God’s holy name just raped its earballs. This is literally the definition of Harvey Weinsteining.

Never google the words: glossary, song, and YouTube.


Yeah so … this is totes under some serious construction (not to be confused with deconstruction), and probably will be for some time.

Side note: “The Site” refuses to write a dissertation on the true meaning of that word just to have it fall upon the idiocy that is seemingly the majority of the American public as of late. Best recommendation is to read a Wikipedia page or something. Doubtful any of you twats will pick up the book with its true meaning and read it. It doesn’t remotely mean what you think it means. (The same goes for curating / curation / curated. It’s bastardization by idiots is absurd and vomitus. You are using it incorrectly. Quit Harvey Weinsteining the English language with stupidity. Thanks!)