“The Site” Is Feeling Like It Wants To Renounce ITS Citizenship to This Worthless Excuse for a Country FKA America at Auschwitz–Birkenau Concentration Camp AKA #PITAC

An image representative of that feeling after being raped by the Harvey Weinstein BureauCunts in Payne in the Ass County.

March 21  · Oswiecim, Poland aka Payne in the Ass County, Oklahoma, United Socialist States of America

“The Site” wonders if anyone truly realizes the damage to our constitution that was committed by Judge Dianne Vaughn and her cabal of BureauCunts℠ — Laura Austin Thomas, Debra Vincent Welch, and Erica Garruccio, et al., and of course with the collusive assistance of #AmericasMOSTDISGUSTINGOrange during yesterday’s genetically modified Star Chamber that bred with a Kangaroo Court and somehow spawned something akin to the Salem Witch Trials?

“The Site” is not joking.

Freedom of Speech in a public forum was destroyed by the Bureaucratic Oligarchy of #PITAC. A dangerous precedence has been set by a non-elected (as in appointed) Judge, and “The Site” bets that no one cares, which is why it won’t waste its time appealing it. A higher court would easily toss this as a first amendment issue, and they would tell Diane and her cabal to cool it because the 1st Amendment is (well, was) sacred, but like “The Site” has already said nobody else seems to care what’s happening as the #BureaucraticOligarchy’s power continues to grow … so, maybe it doesn’t care, either.

But just remember, if you have anything negative to say about any member of the #BO, including just liking this post — Laura the Fat Cow Austin Thomas and her cabal of egomaniacal goons can send the PiggieCrats℠ to your home and arrest you. She can then put on a sham waste of taxpayer dollars for countless years for no other reason than to intimidate a physically disabled gay Web site with a cognitive defect into signing a deal with Satan, herself.


Well …



Heil Frau Laura the Fat Cow Austin Thomas und sie Kabale von BureauCunts℠, or Zu vill bee zent du zee Gaz Chamba!!

Side note: Always gotta find that silver lining in every situation — no matter how dire — and totes just realized that maybe the #BO will get 3K$ outta its behind, but “The Site” can’t forget that through all of this it received a half-million dollar (extremely conservative estimate) tax-free paycheck from the federal government.

So, actually — financially speaking — “The Site” is still coming out on top. Not sure how to calculate the emotional toll, but dollars-to-dollars … “The Site” would say it is the actual winner.

Plus, nobody ever did explain how it paid off a 17K$ Perkins loan from #AmericasMOSTDISGUSTINGOrange while homeless on the streets, but considering that magical accounting by Enron, “The Site” means, incompetence, in addition to the 500,000$ completely tax-free from the Department of Education, maybe it’s time to say we’re even?

Or, maybe the #BO will learn it shouldn’t mess with the spawn of Satan, Carneys and a Used Car Salesmen? ROFL! #PraiseNuffle

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