You're a CUNT! Case Closed. #CasoCerrado

Okay … Well, I just sold my soul to Satan, and I feel really dirty about it.

I took a plea deal.

I shouldn’t have done it, but I’m tired, and fairly certain that’s what everyone wanted, but me — the innocent one. Anyway, maybe I can breathe a bit easier now knowing that the Bureaucratic Oligarchy got it’s pound of flesh.

(I really want to vomit.)

I have loved this song for quite some time. (Frankly, I’ve loved the album for quite some time.) Anywho, I finally watch the music video, and I was like, “huh, that was kind of a let-down.” The song is still awesome though. Just look away while the video plays.

The processing of events is just beginning, but I’m fairly certain that I found a major piece of the puzzle.


Anywho, my shyster that I believe had a change of heart, but a little too late to steer that ship away from the iceberg, told me something as she was leaving that I think was her attempt to make amends without incriminating herself.

She told me to show up to the final court date even though I’m excused (with some caveats) because I should ask for certified copies of all the court clerk’s records. Her only explanation as to why was, “After it’s expunged, it will all disappear.”

I think she was trying to steer me into protecting these records for posterity, and as a professional researcher with mountains of research sitting around me, I will do just that.

(Heck, it’s more stuff for the website!)

In the end, I just have to remind myself that the #BO may have won this battle, but those BureauCunts have not won the war.




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