Greatest of All Time My Ass. When did history begin?

These are examples of what was available to “The Site” as role models that shaped this young man’s life.

No GOATs to be found here.

… Just Real Role Models. Why? Because, GOATs don’t exist.

Not only did I want to be him, but I wanted to fuck him. Thank you to Tree and Ouida for introducing me to Queer as Folk before Netflix ruined it by replacing major chunks of the original soundtrack with cheap knock-offs. The wonders of a VHS player.
Funny thing … the Evil Cunt that gave birth to “The Site” spent a minute in Cook County for allegations of murder with a vehicle. Depending upon who tells the story, either she was driving the car that ran over the other carney, or she was not the person driving the car, which belonged to her, when it ran over the carney. Both my biological father and the Evil Cunt the Gave Birth to It agree that the carney deserved to be run over.
Need I say more? It’s fucking Anastasia Beaverhausen.
#Secrets (but they’re not mine. I have nothing to hide.)

Side note: the English translation of the Hebrew lyrics in that song is atrocious, but the Spanish translation of the spoken word during the trailer is on point. In case you were wondering…
#EverythingIsConnected. (Also, it is rather difficult to find an Iranian Jew singing live on Youtube.)
Well enough about you … let’s talk about me. Cuz times flies when you’re on Prozac! – The Divine Miss M

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