Y kant the Bord reed?
(Maybe It’s Because of
Oklahoma’s Public Education?)

Unless the administrative assistant and your general counsel chose to dispose of a multitude of emails… ALL OF YOU are perfectly aware that this one is being violated by a(n alleged) Professor at Oklahoma State University – not to mention the Administrators who aided and abetted in this abhorrent behavior, sort of like that Ghislaine Maxwell. #HarveyWeinsteinsofOSU #ANDTHECUNTSTOO #METOO

Policy Statement to Govern Appointments, Tenure, Promotions, and Related Matters of the Faculty of Oklahoma State University

1.1.3 Professional Ethics. Members of the faculty have the responsibility to follow the Board of Regents’ approved policies on outside activities (violated), to avoid conflicts of interest prohibited by Oklahoma statutes (violated), and, particularly, to develop and maintain student/teacher relationships which are healthy, honorable, and beneficial to students in the pursuit of legitimate educational objectives (SUPER-MEGA VIOLATED! THE WORD RAPED BY YOUR PROFESSORS AND ADMINISTRATORS WOULD BE A GOOD SYNONYM FOR WHAT HAPPENED AT YOUR UNIVERSITY). Members of the faculty must not exploit students for their private advantage (again, THOSE CUNTS RAPED ME PURELY FOR EXPLOITATION).

The faculty of Oklahoma State University endorses the American Association of University Professors’ 1987 Statement on Professional Ethics, found in Appendix A. (SERIOUSLY? Because if that’s true then the AAUP needs to review Oklahoma State University’s endorsement of this statement. If I were the AAUP, I would disavow ALL connections to your shithole of a university.)


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