Totes unrelated…or is it?

Here’s the real point…

Bulldog’s Monologue.
He should’ve gotten the Emmy…if he didn’t.

My Family goes back in this town Seven generations. They fled Persecution from people being persecuted–all in the name of Religion. I was raised to believe Christianity was synonymous with Hypocrisy.
Man’s natural tendency was To Do As Thou Whilst not Do unto Others. We believe Man is nothing but an Animal (ou un ami mâle ?)–no better, no worse than those that walk on four legs. And although, I believed our Faith kept us Powerful in the Community … Wealthy, Good Health. I came to see Hypocrisy in the Others … and Me.
I was sick that they would vilify an Innocent just to protect Themselves, and at that moment, I knew I am better than an Animal.


PS #FutureHusband #47 #HOTPOMM

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