As Long As It Is Learning It Is a Good Thing

Brandon at the Piano 1993

The school year is over, #PraiseNuffle!

That evil cunt Mrs. LeGate put “The Site” out in the hall because it corrected her mispronunciation of the capital of South Dakota.


“The Site’s” family is from, and a majority still live in, South Dakota – approximately 40-miles south of the capital to be exact. It has spent many summers in and around the capital of South Dakota and it’s Capitol. Recently, “The Site” and its cousin took his dad’s Cadillac to the capital to go shopping at the mall. (He’s 14 and has his farm license. It was mostly legal.) Anywho, point is that it listened to real-life South Dakotans say the name of their capital – many, many, many, MANY TIMES – and it is PEER not PEE-Y’AIR.

“The Site” realizes that the capital is named after a Frenchman, but that doesn’t mean that anyone in South Dakota has referred to the capital as PEE-Y’AIR in at least a hundred years.

It’s also similar to the concept that you don’t have to be French to have Jumping Frenchmen of Maine’s disease; cases have been observed in Louisiana (where it is called Rajun Cajuns), Malaysia (where it is called Latah), Siberia (where it is called Myriachit) as well as India, Somalia, Yemen, and the Philippines.

Also, that bitch of an 8th-grade English teacher informed me that if “The Site” didn’t learn how to write properly (with prettier handwriting) then it would never make it in this world because people would assume from its handwriting that it was a sociopath. (What was just said about ASSumptions, ya fat bitch?)


#TheymakeanASSoutofYou…not me.






Probably never occurred to the fat bitch that maybe “The Site” has a neurological disorder that makes its hands shake and twitch like that?

And stupid, dumb hetero breeders think this is an education?

It’s just busy work so that fat, incompetent cunt bureaucrats can be paid to do nothing but be fat, incompetent cunt bureaucrats.

Have you taken your government-mandated Jagged Little Pill? You know what happens to those who choose not to do so, don’t you?
For those too lazy to read, here is a short course on what happens.

PS Have you ever noticed that bureaucrats always look well-fed? There is correlation, and very probably, causation.

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