SIDE NOTE: “The Site” still wonders what was actually happening in #PITAC that the bureaucratic oligarchy decided to turn on one of their own and throw poor Nathan under the bus, allegedly?

Published: Wed, January 5, 2011 12:00 AM

STILLWATER — Mayor Nathan Bates said Tuesday the city can begin the healing process now that prosecutors aren’t pursuing a computer-crimes case against him any further.

An indictment against Bates, 28, was dismissed Monday because prosecutors decided not to appeal a judge’s ruling in the mayor’s favor.

Prosecutors also decided not to file any new charges against Bates.

Payne County Special Judge Phillip Corley ruled Dec. 20 that Bates did not commit a felony when he used a city computer to send e-mails related to his private business, Icon Properties.

The mayor said the experience inspired him rather than soured him on politics.

“It’s been encouraging that throughout the entire time not only have my supporters stayed my supporters but I’ve gotten more support from the community,” Bates said. “People … have seen kind of what’s happened and they’re encouraging me more, ‘Hey, you need to stay with it. You need to stay in the game. These people will leave you alone eventually.’”

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: “The Site” wishes it could take a road trip to the land of Bartles and check out this adorable chocolate shop.

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