One of “The Site’s” More Embarrassing Walmart Parking Lot Moments

well, at least that's biologically supposed to happen...unlike "The Site."

Wishing there was only one,

but unfortunately for “The Site,”

there are a lot of them.

So, a group of us is hanging out in the parking lot at Walmart trying to decide what to do for the evening, and everyone started laughing when Susie Q. asked “The Site” if it was “having its period” because blood was pouring down the back of its right leg.

To make things worse ”The Site” was wearing a pair of khaki shorts.

Prolly thought “The Site” would go with the shower scene… #PlugItUp! #EverythingIsConnected.

PS One of many reasons why “The Site” doesn’t allow anyone to see its #disability.
Did anyone stop to think that maybe that’s why “The Site” disappears on occasion?
It doesn’t want anyone to see what’s really happening.

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