It’s Moria Casán!

“The Site” truly believes that Ms. Casán would make la merienda outta yo’ eyeballs while ripping off tu bombilla de cuero y tus boludos only to shove them in your pelotudo if you tried to #MeToo her in a telo.

¡Quilombo para vos!

Now let’s take a bondi with some mangos down to the boliche for some bailando and #Frenet.

Things you’ll see at a #GayBar #GayBar!

Pero ¿qué sé yo?

“The Site” wants to believe in this

magical fairytale that there are still women in this world who truly don’t take any shit … and it thinks, IIHO … that Ms. Casán is bad-ass, and totes wouldn’t take that shit from no one.

Sos un helado de pollo; no existís. LOLZ

¡EnSerio! #BsAs #DoNotCry4Me #Argentina.

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