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The reporter should’ve responded, “Excuse me, Ass-Hat Gundy, but these aren’t people.

THEY are BureauCunts.

They are nothing more than entitled, privileged sacks-of-shit that have never suffered, let alone worked, a day in their lives – just like [Mike Gundy].

So, now … threaten me again with your fake-ass BureauCunt power … you Harvey Weinstein wannabe! HA!”

It’s funny cuz it’s sad, and it’s sad cuz it’s true.

Miss Tippy Walker
The highlight is when Gundy states that he doesn’t like himself with this quote, “I just don’t like ignorance.”
Well, isn’t that the pot calling the pot … stupid.

Side Note: In honor of all the letters in the world … I would like to propose this song as Mike Gundy’s theme song.
Can this song be played every time that inbred BureauCunt walks into a room, or onto the football, literally anywhere he is … this song should be played on loud speakers. IMHO, of course.

PHOENIX — Mike Gundy didn’t answer the question he was asked, but his response was [not at all] interesting.
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