What exactly are they hiding over there? (Or is it we?)

So, I keep seeing these articles about how to support a foreign war that should be no concern of ours with donations, and it seems to be very one-sided. This is like being in high school and watching the preppy little twats gang up on the nerdy kid.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pro-Russia shirt to help support their cause?

I am always going to root for the underdog. Being in the majority at the time that is happening might seem right to the feeble minded, but history always tells the truth.

Anywho, where can I find one of these fundraising t-shirt things to support the cause over in Russia? #FucktheUkraine℠ #BureauCunts℠ #Thanksforspendingallofourchildrensmoney.℠

Tulsa T-Shirt Company Still Selling Shirts To Support Ukraine
— À lire sur www.newson6.com/story/63aa3af83ea0ba072dd59f69/tulsa-tshirt-company-still-selling-shirts-to-support-ukraine

PS Remember when everyone hated  Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and the news media kept comparing him to Donald Trump? Remember that? Huh? HUH??

Doubtful. Anywho, thank God I am gay, and I don’t have to feel any regret. I don’t have any children that will have to deal with this bullshit in the future. MDR !


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