You knew me better than anyone,
quand même
We lived in a secret world,
quand même
One filled with fantastic stories,
quand même
A journey that couldn't be experienced by anyone else;
It was ours and ours alone.

You died and kept those secrets, 
quand même
If I could see into the future, 
quand même
If I could have saved you, 
quand même
A requiem for a dream didn't, 
quand même
But I promise you this; I will die with our secrets, too.

Kaleena and Bert at Woodward Park in Tulsa, OK back when life was still somewhat decent.


Even with everything we had been through, I was not ready for you to die, and I sure as hell was not ready to be the last person that you spoke to before dying.

I even asked you if you were okay because I felt like something wasn’t right, but you said you were just tired from working all day at the Port.

“Everything’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said.

Why did you lie to me?

If I had known that sick-feeling in my stomach was because you had drank a bunch of booze and taken a fucking biscuit, I would have ran across town to stop it. I would have beat down your door.

You know I would have given my life for you.

I should have listened to my gut, but unfortunately, I did not.

I have been asking myself ever since…why didn’t I listen? It’s always right.

If I had just listened to that little voice telling me that something was truly wrong..what if?

Hey Bert, tu vas me manquer pour toujours et à jamais, quand même.

PS Who the hell is this Bob Dylan person stealing songs from Guns N’ Roses?

À bientôt mon frère !

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