One of a Few Movies That Has Been Watched by “The Site” at Least 3.767.322,00 Times

brandon with a cat

… sans doute.

It’s been 10-years since “The Site” first saw this movie in the definition of a white-trash trailer home out in BFE almost, but not quite, New Tulsa. Allegedly, “The Site” was being homeschooled as far as the State of Oklahoma was concerned (those bureaucratic piggies never did any checking), but what that actually meant is that it was forced to find anyway possible to educate itself while the Evil Cunt that Gave Birth to It did whatever the fuck it is that, that cunt does…it’s definitely not taking care of her 17 children, or however many it is now…nah, that’s also “The Site’s” responsibility.

Concerning this concept of homeschooled, did anyone ever notice that “The Site” did not take a single maths course between 7th-grade and the final year of its Associate’s degree. No one found that odd, or did no one even take the time to notice? Even funnier, somehow “The Site” went from having 6th-grade pre-Algebraic maths to a crash-course in remedial maths (taught by the most amawzing teacher of Maths that “The Site” has ever known, an Iranian woman that escaped at the beginning of the Iranian Revolution would spend the afternoon chatting with “The Site” while drinking a cup of tea that would turn pink with a bit of milk) followed quickly by College Algebra (taught by a very boring professor, but Matrices saved its ass there), and then never took another maths class, again.

Yet, somehow it is really good at statistics, and universities would ask it to tutor maths-intensive courses, such as physics … wtf? Just because “The Site” got an A in a college physic’s course, doesn’t mean that it knows anything about physics – especially when the class was graded on a massive curve.
“The Site” has art degrees … not maths.

Until now, it hadn’t ever really considered the fact that nobody has ever really known the truth … at least not the complete truth.

PS Thank you JESUS! for making that evil demonic creature’s uterus fall out of her after this last child, and “The Site” prays with every fiber of its being that you block her ability to ever adopt.

PPS She is a hoarder.

The part that “The Site” has never liked is the censorship of the song. Frankly, it understands that Rene Zellweger didn’t want to be #typecast as a lesbian, but these censored lyrics don’t make any sense. It is somewhat understandable (right?) that when Rene takes the lead, the subject of the song would shift to her making it seem like she enjoyed eating pussy. Oh, and to be clear, totes love Rene in this song…her part is amawzing, but “The Site” wishes she would’ve grown a pair and stuck to the O.G. pussy-licking style. #SarcasticOversimplification #AtItsFinest.
HINT: The song is about eating pussy. #HairlessPussy

The original Sugar High by Coyote Shivers before the Tipper-fans got involved:

They all said she's just
Another groupie slut
And I said I thought
You're anything, but
Think again

Sometimes reputations
Outlive their applications
Sometimes fires don't go out
When you're done playing with them

I feel so funny
Deep inside.
When you kiss me goodbye
Sugar high
Sugar high

We can go out
Need not even leave the house
A TV set and a bottle of wine
(Just fine)

Making out on that old
Foldout couch
Watching 'Saturday Night Live'
I guess that's why

I feel so funny
Deep inside
When I lick between your thighs
Sugar high
Sugar high


I have searched both
Far and wide
I've explored the deepest caverns
Of my mind

To try and find
An explanation why
I get this funny feeling
Deep inside (Rene, he's eating your's not hard to figure out.)

When you kiss me goodbye
And when I lick between your thighs

Sugar high
Sugar high
Sugar high
Sugar high


How can you not love it?
The first thing you need is a name. Always play with their minds. The fat man walks alone.
Isn’t it customary to leave the scene of a crime after committing one? #Empire #Shoplifter
how the li’l guy defeated ‘The Nothing;’ just remember what was left when #Pandora (stupidly) opened the box to unleash all the disgustingness upon the world? it was #Hope.

even though something as seemingly trivial as hope may seem like nothing, it should be regarded much like the tiny grain of sand, which can create the foundation for the most formidable of fortresses.

hope can support life for even the most wrecked of souls.

(there is a reason the acorn becomes the mighty oak.)

<< His name isn’t fucking Warren. -His name isn’t fucking Warren. -His name isn’t fucking Warren. -I thought his name was Warren? >>

Deb is my absolute inspiration in life.

She is the reason why “The Site” had no problem going up to a group of about 8 guys (with a variety of weapons) over at those apartments near 41st and Garnett to tell them that, “Ya’ll need to leave…Now!” while a banjo creepily played in the background.

They did.

Not sure why, but for some reason people think “The Site” is scary.
#DontDroptheSoap #JK #TotesGay #REALFEMINISM

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