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Did you know that you should just skip law school like Kim Kardashian because it is a complete & total waste of time & money?

id you know that all you really need to do to be as good of a shyster as the next is to follow these five (5) simple steps?


Watch Night Court (all seasons).

#Data #Yugoslavia HINT: S8E11 AKA Jail Bait –> contemporaneous usage of #boff. Frasier also has an example of its usage. #Kavanaugh


Watch Harry’s Law (both seasons).

en ESP.
in English.
Side note: you’re nothing but a pawn. #Truth #Marketing #Pfizer #GlitchesintheMatrix


Regardez Une femme exemplaire (toutes les saisons) !

alicia schools the state’s attorney.
alicia schools the judge
alicia schools the plaintiff
mr. cumming schools the fat-cat bureaucrat. #irony


Watch My Cousin Vinny.

It’s a #FACT!* #ExpertTestimony


La pièce de résistance … last but not least … La revanche d’une blonde !!


Voilà, you are now officially as educated as it gets in how to be a shyster.

Or maybe not…

You know, as “The Site’s” Gramma is always saying, “There are exceptions to every rule.”

This person, ci-dessous, is an excellent example of an exception that could probably use some form of education – any form of education, really.

Seriously, WTF is a First Amendment Auditor?! It sounds totes adorable. Mmmmmmm’kay.

PS Click the gear button, and make it play at 2x speed. It is much more entertaining that way.
It also doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, at all. 2x speed is the only thing that helps this video. #VoirDire


Totes a segue:

#BigKahunaBurger #PulpFiction #PITAC

Totes another segue on the State of the State of the Medical Education System & what it produces in the State of the State of #OKState:

#politicallycorrect and/or #grosslyincompetent and/or #thisisthefaceof/#OUHSC/#OSUCHS and/or #facespace4twitssm


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