“The Site” Believes There Is Something To Be Thankful for in Everything

I would also say that judging by this photo...I was already super gay.

… except, “The Site” has an extremely difficult time

figuring out something to be thankful for

with regards to the evil cunt that gave birth to it – until today.

“The Site” knows Jennifer … it knows that you would be a better mother, also.
It knows, but it’s okay with it because “The Site” will survive.
It always does. #tenacity #curiosity

“The Site” is a little over 2-years-old, now. It already knows how to do most of the basics for taking care of itself. It is amazing what one can accomplish by pushing a chair around a hardwood floor at 5AM to say … make a bowl of cereal before the cartoons start. There are some things one has to learn quickly when one has a(n alleged) mother with severe mental health issues.

Anyway, back to the one thing “The Site” can say it is thankful for regarding the evil cunt that gave birth to it, and that is, it is thankful for the fact that this devil-creature keeps “The Site” in a playpen in front of MTV, almost every hour, of every day … well, until that obnoxious flag starts waving saying, “It’s #BedTime.”

So, “The Site” can now honestly say that it is thankful that its supposed, but definitely a sorry-excuse-for-a-mother woman uses a playpen and MTV as its babysitter (according to the Old Hag Fortune Teller) for the first several years of its prison sentence, it means, life. Lolz

*Did anyone ever think that this might be why “The Site” will know how to play the piano by ear in the future?

And again with this Old Hag Fortune Teller … “The Site” needs to stop asking her for advice.)

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