Funny thing is … it can’t remember it, now.

Anywho, really funny thing is, it can remember the circumstances that led up to this brief impromptu salon-style outdoorsy photo shoot at Turner Falls.
It was a warm, gay sunny June weekend, and “The Site” was like, “Yo, boyfriend dude, you wanna go to Austin for gay pride?” He said, “Sure.” We went. Austin’s

gay pride sucks balls and not in the good way. The trip was fun, overall. We fucked in the sauna at the hotel, allegedly. This old dude watched. Blah, blah, fun, #GoodTimes. Whatevs. #TotesGay.

On our way back, “The Site” was like, “Yo, you wanna stop at Turner Falls?” He was like,

“Sure;” so we did. “The Site” grabbed its duct-taped-together Canon AE1 and shot some shots.

Why don’t we make it right like we used to?
Because it is best practice to have a partner with regards to the dangers of auto/erotic asphyxiation.
The lemon trick doesn’t always work. #DavidCarradine #BreathControl is #Amawzing if you are #SSC. #Sting #Tantric

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