Gonzalez is a backstabbing cunt in Mayan.

A Royal Artist: Ah Maxam of Naranjo

How much the dumb backstabbing cunt actually listened to her mentor is up for debate, but what is important…Ah Maxam was of a royal lineage. Translated from the Mayan script, his signature found on the Water-Lily Vase (MS1375) names himself and his parents along with a not-so-subtle declaration of his noble heritage. 

REMINDER : Need to post about that time this backstabbing bureaucratic cunt came up to “The Site” at Edmon Low library to fish for information for her White Master, Dr. Brienen. She came up so nice, so smiley, and feigned true concern for how “The Site” had been since the evil fucking cunt, Dr. Brienen tried to Harvey Weinstein it. So…”The Site” dished everything about how it was working on that awesome research project and how it was so happy to be continuing its work with the Goodrich archive…and that’s when Round 2, maybe 3, began with the evil fucking bureaucratic cunt, Dr. Rebecca Entitled Parker WASPY-much Brienen. Cristina of course went running back to her boss to not only spill the tea on “The Site,” but then to rat out her coworker Louise Siddons … because that’s how bureaucratic cunts play the game, isn’t it Ms. Gonzalez?


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