“The Site” already had a very intimate relationship with this song before the trip to Grand Rapids, but it became even more special after arriving and briefly living with a special group of people in Michigan.

“The Site” was living off of Vienna Sausages and occasional scraps from the Chinese Restaurant, when an opportunity arose to high-tale it outta there and disappear to the mythical land of Grand Rapids, Michigan on a 36-hour Greyhound bus ride, of course.

Armed with nothing more than 17$, a bus ticket, and a little child’s weekend bag to Gramma’s with nothing more than some socks, underwear, a couple t-shirts, and a pair of jeans (plus what it was wearing), “The Site” boarded a bus to unknown territories to see what else was out there. The evil cunt that gave birth to “The Site” has recently discovered its homosexuality, so why not see what was out in the Great Unknown of Michigan?

Allegedly … dreams do come true.

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