Dean’s List: Mike Gundy Voted Big 12 BOTY by & through intimidation & fear

Could be a cocksucker, but "The Site" hates to make assumptions. So, you'll have to ask the douchebag, directly.

Well done, Pokes, coaches, players and voters. You have caved to the #WPOS BureauCunts at #AMDO. #CowboyCode involves a lot of illegal and unethical things … it’s absolutely America’s MOST DISGUSTING. #Draft.

BREAKING Big 12 News: Brett Yorkman jerked off and then anointed a truly undeserving twosome, allegedly.

By a forced vote of league coaches, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has just been named Big 12 Conference Coach of Year, and the rambunctious running back Ollie Gordon is the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year. (Btw, where is mention of Darius Rucker … “The Site” means Trey Rucker? Without him ripping a ball out of a BYU players arms while the refs looked at their tiny dicks … #AMDO would not be receiving this strong-armed and totally bogus award for being the proverbial rapists that they are; don’t you agree OU? Isn’t that why you all are truly leaving? It’s because you don’t want to be associated with inbred trash.)

I can change … but why would I when I rake in millions of dollars and receive a lot of privilege and entitlement? (Even if it is all contained in a tiny little shithole of inbreeding called Stillwater, OK? #AMDO)

Mike and his team looked dead in the water at 2-2 after the shocking debacle at home in that 26-point, embarrassing loss to South Alabama — and then losing seven days later at Iowa State.

So, how did Gundy pull a Samson-sized rabbit out of his hat? Yes, yes … how did that #WPOS inbred, hick pull a Samson-sized rabbit out of his hat?!? Could it have anything to do with violating laws, policies, and ethics? Who knows … not an attorney; nor does “The Site” give two-shits about a bunch of mentally challenged dudes that like to get naked together and suds up in the shower … oh wait, yeah. Hokai ! So, you go it there. It’s a nice image.

Anywho, according to Leni Riefenstahl’s protegé Dean (seriously, who the fuck is this twat-NAZI?) Blevins, the Bomber (bizarre choice of words, all things considered) from Midwest City did it with necessary player buy-in (could also be known as MIKE GUNDY HAS HAD EVERYTHING HANDED TO HIM ON A SILVER PLATTER BECAUSE HE IS AN ENTITLED AND PRIVILEGED LITTLE BITCH), and focusing on the single purpose of giving his team the best chance to win – by allegedly paying off the refs, or did Brett Yormark do that? We’ve maintained forever that his ability to and recognition of zeroing in on specific primary problems, scheming to fix it (or them), and motivating with gritty slaps of the wet towel-style leadership-by-example-of-his-idol Jerry Sandusky, and his indefatigable effort is disgustingly rare, like undercooked meat that will give you food poisoning.

This is quite possibly his best work. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the irony …

Side note: did anyone know that this song was written by Mike Gundy? He can’t hold a tune or play an instrument or really do anything.
So, he used his privilege and entitlement to get BECK do it for him. #REALtruth.

Yes, with an upset of Texas (are these really bad jokes, or is Oklahoma State going to shell out, ostensibly, more money to make themselves appear to be winning anything?), it would make it just two Big 12 titles in the league’s 28 years. But, and it’s a big but, the two would be two more than virtually anyone else could pull off in Stillwater.

Saturday in Jerry (Sandusky’s?) World. It’s quite possible it could get ugly. Sorry, but anything involving Mark Gundy is ugly.

But without the larger-than-you-could-ever-dream-to-imagine assets/money/benefits advantages a Sark has over the Gundys of the world, what Mike and his explosive back accomplished justifies the recognition as ‘Best In The Big 12.’

And if for some reason you would like to read the original propagandistic dreck by this asshat named Dean List from Smuton6’s inbred whore of a sister Newson9.

Here’s the link –>

PS Did Darius Rucker, shit! it means Trey Rucker get permission from Laura the Fat Cow Austin Thomas, District Attorney for Payne in the Ass County, and a BureauCunt to the nth degree that needs to be permanently disbarred and then thrown in a prison cell for the rest of her life (in “The Site’s” non-attorney spokesits opinion), to leave the state to play whatever teams are out-of-state?

Btw, why isn’t anyone honoring Darius … shit, shit, shit … Trey Rucker?

His arrest record is way more impressive than anything Little Dick Gundy has ever done, or will ever do. #GoPokes!

Another one of Mark Gundy’s lyrical endeavors, but again, he has no real talent … so he once again used his entitled and privileged upbringing to get a little help from St. Vincent. #SHAME!

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