More Adventures in #EnrichmentFree Cooking.

Basically, I follow any recipe as a guideline, but I make sure it is without any of the FDA-mandated, man-made chemicals that are disguised in your food as vitamins.

How do I do it?

By following some simple recommendations, and by making sure nothing comes into my home with those demonic additions tainting my personal food supply. With this knowledge, even the IgnoSheeples can cook something truly healthy, tasty, and without government-mandated poisonous bullshit.*

Homemade egg noodles are just flour and eggs. See how easy they are to make with this simple recipe.
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Tonight’s listening selection

Use chicken thigh fillets if you prefer in this chicken stroganoff, and use half-fat soured cream for a lighter version. Enjoy with pasta, mash or rice.
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*If you think that BureauCunts are looking out for your best interest … think again.

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