Truly, one of “The Site’s” most favoritest research projects…like, EVER! Totes because it fucks with archeologists and other allegedly scholarly peoples of any color.

Presentation on the Mohenjo-Daro of the Indus River Valley in modern-day Pakistan. 

#WhenDidHistoryBegin? #Curiousity #Tenacity

Random segue:

What about your dreams? What about the change tomorrow brings?
You know…”The Site” never thought it could be possible to be thankful for anything related to the evil that gave birth to it. But, lo and behold, here is something it is truly thankful for…”The Site” can honestly say that after years-and-years of holding down her tiny little skirts while she attempted to semi-legally bolt in one of her many children into the back seat of a barely legal vehicle, “The Site” heaps praise upon #NUFFLE for never making it play the piano while she was wearing something like this.

If Céline Dion was my mother…then, but she’s not…so, thanks!

PS The reference here is to #Cher’s original son; not the one that she got extremely angry at when she came out as #lesbian and then later came out as #transgendered. #MemorySpansAreSoShort. #GLBT / #LGBT #ALLEGED #COMMUNITY.

PPS “The SIte” is still very much a fag (like a British cigarette but seriously, just likes sex with MEN); and loves this song totes very much and this video, too, more than a lot of things. Definitely not everything, but a lot of things, for sure.. Jus’ sayin’. #ItIsWhatItIs…which is?

Hmm…”The Site” is curious if taxpayer dollars were in anyway involved in the making of this video?
Oh, that’s right … of course they were … this is America, we have grants. Jk. Perhaps?

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