Brett Parson D.C. Police Officer (ret.)

Seeing a Man You Fucked on the Front Page of FoxNews.

Yeah, about 20-years-ago … brings back a lot of memories. What’s really funny is that “The Site” never knew his name until it saw it in the paper. Frankly, it’s because “The Site” will literally, as in literally, not figuratively, tell the other person that it doesn’t care what their name is, and that they are nothing more than a cum dumpster; afterwards, “The Site” gives them an identifier like #Fireman, #OSU #Football #Player, #ThrowingaHotDogDownaHallway, or #Executive@AmericanHeartAssociation (a true #Connaisseur des #Poppers, and when you spill them in the bed at the Ritz, it makes “The Site” have a wicked migraine and instant impotence; it’s literally the only thing that can kill “The Site’s” erection – amyl nitrates – and now you know). You know … things like that. FYI #JournalismIsDead.

Totes fucked him in what “The Site” believes was his and his husband’s / significant other’s home. It was a really nice home for a police officer, and interesting tidbit, he liked to play hockey.

The things you can find out by just paying attention to the details can be quite astonishing. #Brainspotting, it feels like it was just yesterday. #Truth.

Former DC police officer arrested in Florida on sex with minor charges

A former Washington, D.C., police officer who led the D.C. police LGBT liaison unit was arrested in Florida over the weekend for allegedly engaging in sex acts with a minor.  

Brett Parson, 53, was arrested in Boca Raton on Saturday on an arrest warrant from the Coconut Creek Police Department, an officer told Fox News. 

Brett Parson D.C. Police Officer (ret.)

Parson is charged with two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, the officer said. 

Online court records show that Parson is being held at the Main Detention Center in Palm Beach County without bond. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had retained an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

Parson worked for nearly three decades as an officer for the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. For many years he led the department’s LGBT Liaison Unit. (Fun fact: It used to be called the GLBT Liaison Unit.) 

He retired as a full-time MPD officer in February 2020. That year he told the Washington Blade, “I will remain with MPD as a part-time Reserve Officer serving at the pleasure of the Reserve Corp in whatever role I can best assist the agency I love.” 

The MPD told Fox News it fired Parson from its Reserve Corps upon learning of his arrest early Sunday morning.

It’s all coming back to it now. #Céline #Irony

PS He was still a furry bear back then, but “The Site” is thinking he may have become full-on #DILF, now.

(#AgeIsNothingbutaNumber; wisdom from an old gay guy for “The Site” when it was 14- or 15-years-old. It’s all making a lot more sense now, too.)


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