Draft. Not ready for public release. Enjoy.

If you actually care that some dumb Okie hick got caught doing something (allegedly) illegal in Vinita, then click here.

If not, then keep reading the rest of this post about other mentally challenged Okies.

Btw, who the fuck is Zach Bryan? Why does anyone care if he was arrested? Also, why does it appear that Craig County has removed his mugshot from their public records?

PS Is it just “The Site” or does it appear as though stole their mugshot from TMZ? “The Site” is curious because the cropping of the mugshot on the Smuton6 website is peculiarly tight – as if they stole it from the TMZ website, allegedly. The real irony is when they bitch and moan about a PolitiCunt using their stuff to illustrate an educational point about the shit state of the Tulsa Public School system, but when it comes down to it, you do realize how much of people’s intellectual property (like Youtube and TikTok videos) these yellow (and sad excuse for) journalists use without paying a cent for it, right? People like Lori Fullboobs is making bank off of your hard work. Why? Because they’re apart of the BureauCunts aka the Bureaucratic OKIEgarchy, a group of people that do not care one bit about anyone but themselves. They are more disgusting than a cockroach and more deeply infested into society than the roaches could ever dream.

More to cum. “The Site” just wanted to get this posted for attention. No news is bad news! Stupid cunts.

“The Site” received this email today, and it received a voicemail, too. Curious, since these dumb twats that shall remain nameless from this point forward, were threatening to remove my federally funded services unless “The Site” stopped speaking out about the atrocities committed by these worthless pieces of shit. So, it will play the motherfucking game, and keep their names outta “The Site’s” mouth. They’re like the Will Smith of BureauCunts! Hahahahahahahahahahahah. Ha. Stupid fucking pieces of worthless shit … but, fairly certain, “The Site” will have the last laugh.

And there’s still more to cum. OH. MY. Jesus Herbert Christ, there is so much to catch up on. These dumb cunts operating our #OKIEBO are just full of stupidity. It’s exhausting trying to keep up, but the truth will be exposed, the fight must continue! These twatfuckers need to face some #REALTruth, which is that they are overpaid and underworked, at the very least. MOST OF THEM DESERVE TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IN PRISON! Hashtag: The #BigMac for #BureauCunts. J’accuse !

“The Site” totes forgot about that time when the allegedly racist Mike Gundy and totally a W.P.O.S. BureauCunt got up on stage with this Zach Bryan person, and then our W.P.O.S. Governor Mark Stitt (or whatever his W.P.O.S. name is) declared it to be Zach Bryan Day.

Now all the pieces are connecting. Basically, everything will be wiped clean by his friends in low places like the previously mentioned asshats with deep roots to Oklahoma State University. #RICO

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