Alumni Survey Reports Deadline

From: Brandon Neal Jones neal.jones@okstate.edu
Subject: Re: Alumni Survey reports deadline
Date: September 5, 2016 at 14:14
To: Lisa Cota lisa.cota@okstate.edu
Cc: James R Knecht james.knecht@okstate.edu, Sarah Gordon sarah.gordon@okstate.edu


This is a complete bunch of crap and you know it. Thanks for throwing me under the bus…I appreciate it. (And after the conversations we have had when James isn’t around…this is exactly what you’ve done…thrown me under the bus.)

I have never once been given, and/or agreed to, a deadline on the alumni reports.

I also still can’t figure out what you all did with the multitude of alumni report templates that I completed last May before my brain surgery. I’m still baffled by how all of those were lost. I’m also still baffled about how this project has sat around all summer while I’ve been out on brain surgery and not been completed.

Since my return on August 1st, which by the way…thanks for letting me know that no one (James, hope you enjoyed the casino, and Lisa…not sure what your excuse was) were going to be there when I returned so I got to sit and stair at a wall for 5 hours…but, since I have returned, I have been working diligently on these reports. The problem is that I am constantly receiving misinformation from a variety of sources regarding these reports.

And that is the reason I started sending you those emails with all of the alumni report details and updates was because I started to realize that communication within UAT is an atrocious nightmare since Dr. Gordon’s departure — most likely from the excessive amounts of micromanaging.

Anyway, I would complete a folder’s worth of reports and then find out that those were “good enough” and had already been posted to Oracle (even though I found a massive amount of errors).

Or, I would get information from Bhargav on which reports to work on that would then be contradicted by you, which then would be contradicted by you, again…sometimes the very next day.

So, I started sending you daily emails with all of the details and updates on what was going on because I realized that nobody had a clue. Not only have I been correcting style, grammar, and spelling issues on these reports, but I have been catching statistical errors that I have absolutely no training in. Seriously, just reading the report (no SPSS, no calculator) I am seeing errors left and right. So this is taking longer than it should, but I am not the one to blame.

Again, these should have been finished over the summer. The templates were created once, (and now twice…) So, I’m not sure what to tell you regarding your Sept. 9th deadline. I have a feeling the doctors are going to tell me to recuperate a bit longer, and you can’t punish me for missing a deadline that was never communicated to me, and one that was held up by several past and present UAT employees — not to mention that again, I feel as though I am being discriminated against for taking sick leave for my disability.

I also would have been more than happy to work on these from home during my illness, but James won’t allow that.

Brandon Neal Jones

Dr. James G. Hromas Distinguished Graduate Fellow
Dr. James and Elizabeth Wise Graduate Fellow
research assistant | university assessment & testing
phi kappa phi/ΦΚΦ | phi beta delta/ΦΒΔ | sigma iota rho/ΣΙΡ oklahoma state university

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