Taylor Swift got Kanye West ‘kicked out’ of Super Bowl

[with her wealth, entitlement and privilege
aka hypocritical cuntery],

ex-NFL star says | h/t: Fox News

It’s like the 21st-century-version of how the Tulsa Race Riots / Massacre began, but this time it was during the  Super Bowl LVIII weekend after 46-year-old Ye aka Kanye West, a black musician and entrepreneur, was accused of sitting near Taylor Swift, a white 34-year-old musician and entrepreneur with a large, yet mentally challenged cult-following like Jim Jones, at Allegiant Stadium.

After this wealthy, privileged, and entitled white woman of little talent cried and screamed about this person of color sitting next to her, he was forcefully removed from the stadium for sitting to close to the white songstress, allegedly. Rumors were spread that he was to be lynched online by mobs of Swifties at the behest of their Grand Leader. Upon hearing reports that a mob of millions of Swifties had gathered around Ye’s aka Kanye West’s social media space, a group of 75 black men, some armed with large online followers themselves, arrived to protect him.

After some time, of nobody but the mentally challenged caring … the sheriff persuaded the groups to leave, assuring them that he had the situation under control, and that the best interests of Miss Taylor Swift would be served by removing Ye aka Kanye West from her presence at the football game where she could be Travis Kelce’s alleged beard.

Taylor’s titties … LMAO.

Btw, what happened during that taped Kim Kardashian phone call … FOXNews doesn’t mention it in the article.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have had a beef since the VMAs incident in 2009, and apparently, it led to Swift having West kicked out out of the Super Bowl.
— À lire sur www.foxnews.com/sports/taylor-swift-got-kanye-west-kicked-out-super-bowl-ex-nfl-star-says

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