At some point, I promise to update all of the season and episode numbers, but there’s a lot to process before I can get that done; mostly just unanswered calls and emails, which is why I wanted to get this one out, now.

This is one of the few times that I got Virginia Banks on the phone, and some of the things that she says just seem down right unethical, if not blatantly illegal, but like I learned with my previous OBA experience, this was not a can of worms they were willing to open.

If the Oklahoma Bar Association admitted (the truth) that the entirety of the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System was as vindictive, retaliatory, and incompetent as what they have in Payne in the Ass County, then they’d have to overturn almost every case brought by these worthless #hemorrhOIDS.

There would be a massive prisoner release.

Just listen to this phone call and tell me that this is what a defense attorney should tell their client, and if it’s tl:dr then here it is in a nutshell: she tells me that she decided a couple-years-ago that I was guilty and was doing absolutely nothing to defend me. There’s also a retaliatory component involving her colleague, Sarah Kennedy, and Virginia Banks’ bestie, Mozella Irwin Smith over at Legal Aid in Stillwater, Oklahoma. (More on that nonsense later, but it actually happened way before this phone call. All will be revealed in due time. EVERYTHING!)

Professional Responsibility ... you are doing it wrong!
Another attorney that could’ve been more effective …

But for now, we’ve got this fun (and extremely rare) conversation between Virginia Banks, Esq., and her client (moi) where she basically instills the fear of god in me to exploit this disabled adult because she’s been playing me for a fool this whole entire time, and she’s a PseudoCrat, which means that she doesn’t have to worry about anything – especially not repercussions or accountability. Most of the time, and especially in #PITAC, they get pay raises and fancy new titles like Deedee Klein, not to mention several faculty and staff at, you guessed it, Oklahoma State University.

Some highlights from the phone call:

VB: Tomorrow is the FPTC, you are first up for trial (again).

BJ: What does the DA have?

VB: The [emails] “you were sending.” (One of many times, in the very few times we had any communication with this extremely ineffective counsel, that she informed me she had already decided I was guilty. The previous hemorrhOIDS, Sarah Kennedy, immediately attacked me and demanded that I turn over the emails. I’m like, “WHAT FUCKING EMAILS YOU STUPID CUNT?”)

VB: “I know that [the DA] talked to them today?” (I never really was sure who “them” was. I don’t even know who the victim is. The only mention of a victim by the D.A. was, “Oklahoma State University.”)

BJ: Who?

*Silence as she reviews because she has no idea.

VB: “I know they went to OSU today to talk to their witnesses.”

BJ: Hokai!

VB: Mansplains the concept of Voir Dire.

BJ: And what if everything goes to hell in a hand basket? (Because, frankly, I have absolutely no confidence even at this point in your ability to provide effective counsel. I actually believe quite fully that you’ve been feeding information to #PITAC’s DA office, but more on that later.)

VB: “You are entitled to 30-days before sentencing. If they recommend time to serve, [the unelected, incompetent BureauCunt Tina Diane Vaughan] will probably withdraw your bond and put you in jail as soon as the trial is over.”

BJ: What are we looking at for sentencing with no prior history, especially with this flimsy-ass Star Chamber, Kangaroo Court, and good-old fashioned Salem-style witch hunt perversion of American Jurisprudence am I looking at?

VB: “I don’t think you will but it is possible you could get two-years.”

BJ: WTF?!?

BJ: Explanation about health situation and the advantage program.

VB: “Has DHS filed anything to be your guardian?”

BJ: Unsure, yes, no, maybe, no?

BJ: Further explanation about how BureauCunts in #PITAC were ruining my health – both physical and mental – purely for entertainment purposes. More specifically, I talk about the PTSD that is exacerbated by Rebecca Brienen’s never-ending shenanigans and Harvey Weinstein-like behavior.


At about 10-minutes into the recording she says something muffled about “If you had stopped doing this about 2-years-ago you’d be in a better position to negotiate something.” (Keep this in mind when she makes her next giant fuck-up of a comment.)

Now, I try (ONCE AGAIN) to understand how in God’s name, I have been showing up to court for years now, and no one has ever read the charges or asked me my name or anything like that.

So, I once again, ask her.

VB: Lots of nonsensical rambling and blaming me. It’s best to just listen to this recording.

BJ: “I’ve only been showing up because a bureaucrat hands me a slip of paper that says I have to show up.”

VB: Still grilling me on how I got the charges. Comments on how I can read and write. Blah blah blah! Obviously, I am wrong, and she’s not going to look into it. (At least that’s what I thought until the unelected BureauCunt Judge wannabe Tina Diane Vaughan came into the courtroom on the day of the trial, and said that she “need[ed] to do some housekeeping.” She then proceeded to arraign me just a few minutes before the trial was supposed to start, after how many years of not doing this? And why did she even think to do it if my attorney wasn’t feeding information to the other side? #RICO)

And now for the bombshell:

BJ: “Every attorney I’ve talk to, besides you, said this should have been dismissed three-years-ago.”

Virginia Banks: “And Brandon … truth be known … if you had stopped sending those emails three-years-ago, it probably would have been! But, you kept doing it and doing it.”

Wait, wait, wait, WHAT?!? According to the discovery there are only three emails that were sent in like May of 2020. So, what the fuck is this vindictive, retaliatory bitch talking about?

She could’ve got it dismissed had I not kept doing it…what is it? Sending her emails asking why she was so incompetent? Sending her emails asking her why a bench warrant was issued, not once, but twice, after she informed me not to come to court? Was it sending her emails with lists of witnesses and pieces of evidence to prove that this was all a bunch of bullshit concocted by a bunch of borderline personality disorder-afflicted, privileged and entitled BureauCunts that got their egos injured, and violated every known civil and constitutional rights along with the violation of a litany of federal and state crimes also, and all just to accomplish their vain revenge?

Allegedly … of course, since I am not an attorney.

Oklahoma State University made sure to put a stop to that dream. They knew that if I achieved my dream, I would have been a thorn in their side until the day I died.

Unfortunately for the mentally challenged BureauCunts at America’s MOST DISGUSTING Orange, it doesn’t take a law degree to be that thorn.

and for those that know the truth,
but chose not to report it. #CowboyCode

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