“The Site” had a James Bond-themed, costumed-birthday party because it has never, and never will, watch one of those movies.
Seriously, it’s never seen one.

Anywho point is that it dressed as a woman, and pretty damn good-lookin’ one at that, which reminds it of that time in the future when the straight dude actually thought “The Site” was a woman at #Stonewall in #Stilly, anywho … and referred to itself as Pussy Galore even though it had no idea what Pussy Galore was even in reference to.

It looked pretty damn good, nonetheless…much more, but

later; gotta run.

PS That’s a really good book and a really good sculpture. It’s in Washington, DC. #FYI

PPS This is also the night that the dumb cunt Kaleena Gilliland Powell smashed her face into the glass table so hard that it bruised the whole bottom of her face. Her not-yet-husband decided she didn’t need medical attention and took her home. He also made the decision that the nutbag didn’t need to see a psychiatrist because his second wife left him for a lesbian bitch due to the advice of a shrink, according to him. So, Kaleena would never be allowed to see one.

(And these fuckers vote for Hillary. #Hypocrites #DINO)

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