I couldn't care less...

“The Site” finds it very interesting how the same names and faces keep making appearances in all these, allegedly, random place. Stillwater / #PITAC / OSU upon closer inspection looks like the Oscars…nothing more than the same group of actors patting each other on the backs for their own work. It seems a bit hypocritical…but so does everything at America’s MOST DISGUSTING Orange. Oh, wait…it’s now ORANGE IS NOT THE ANSWER (unless you have scurvy…okay, then maybe. Consult a real doctor like a private practice M.D. They are definitely getting more difficult to find, but if you can they are worth every penny. They are actually intelligent. They don’t just moo and blindly follow the herd.)

PS There are patterns, repetitions, seemingly disconnected glitches in the matrix, for a reason. They are not accidents. #DirkGently #ConnecttheDots.


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