Thought these had been outlawed since at least the late-19th century, and definitely not looked upon with much approval by

We, The People since the utter ridiculousness of the Salem Witch Trials during the super-nutty, Puritanical-years of the 17th-century Massachusetts weirdos,

but would you believe that the Oyer and Terminer Commission is still alive and well in a curiouser and curiouser land called Payne in the Ass County?

Totes Loves Her Since “The Site” Was a Wee Lad … If There Was One (of only a small handful of a women) That It Would Choose To Become Heterosexual For, She Would Be One of Them.

Can you guess any of the others in the comments?

It’s comprised of a cabal of Satan-(aka “The Site’s” own birthing chamber of horrors) worshippers … that use & abuse their BureauCunts℠ like its a Lilith Sternin, Post-Divorce, Fair Reunion of Really Great Musical Cunts except without the really great music.

Oh wait … should that have been written en français, aussi ? Oops.

#ButIsItArt? Dusty Deevers … you are, allegedly, quite the sexpert. Any ideas?

(There’s a whole other article cumming on that #HOTPOMM.)

Anywho, any opinions or advices regarding this project of therapeutic and artistic significance? “The Site” is always looking for editorial and/or constructive criticism.

(Btw, did Andy Warhol create his soup cans in a day?
No clue, but this art isn’t going to pump itself out overnight.
That’s for sure. Therapy is hard. Art therapy is even harder.)
C’est vrai ! L’histoire ne ment jamais … Non ?

Mais sérieusement, cette merde a besoin d’arreter !

Vous étiez tous des cafards … la coupe est pleine !

Merde ! Merde ! Putain ! MERDE !!

D’accord ?


PS Pourquoi est-ce que chaque chose est mieux en français ?

PS There is so much more to be said about these Oyer and Terminer Commissions. There are several examples that come to “The Site’s” CPU besides the one in #PITAC allegedly made up of Dr. Kayse Shrum, Aleigha Mariott, Laura the Fat Cow Austin Thomas, et al. – ad nauseam.

We also have things like the January 6th Commission and that #WPOS BureauCunt℠ former PolitiCunt℠ that won’t shut her idiotic, entitled, and privileged piehole, Liz Cheney, but “The Site” doesn’t have time for worthless trash like that cunt.

*Anywho, commission is very much the operative word for the ability to use this seemingly outmoded concept of the Oyer and Terminer without We, The People truly understanding what these BureauCunts℠ and PolitiCunts℠ are actually doing. Seriously, think about it … this seems to be alive and well in the good ol’ #USSA aka the United Socialist States of America. Think about it from a non-attorney, spokesits point-of-view, like those fun pornos that require special glasses or something over on Pornhub. You take a select group that is chosen usually to vilify and condemn the other(s) with little, if any, evidence, and absolutely no burden of proof – because, you guessed it – there isn’t any.
Anywho, that’s definitely for another day.
“The Site” has to write up a Special Appearance for the Mentally Deficient Twat-Nazis of Payne in the Ass County.
(When are they going to understand that NO MEANS NO! Stop sticking your plastic dick in “The Site’s” ass, #AMDO. There is definitely no consent here.)
Someone really should turn this into a reality show … it is that ridiculous.

PPS How in god’s name did these alleged people get through enough college to be accepted into the Oklahoma Bar; oh right … that’s the answer, it’s the OKLAHOMA BAR. ROFL!!!

It is a fucking joke.

They’re all just a fucking joke.

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