Dean Sheryl Tucker,

Any reason why there has been no response to my email asking about a non-faculty staff member supervising graduate assistants?

I have a meeting tomorrow with Human Resources and then (if necessary) a meeting with Deb Lane in the Office of the President, and this information could be very useful.

A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

Brandon Neal Jones, M.S.
graduate research assistant | university assessment & testing
oklahoma state university

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Now, keep in mind that “The Site” is trying to defend itself against every front with a major malfunction to its CPU. These #BureauCunts℠ were well aware of that, and knew it was their only time to really attack.

As a former, and recovering, BureauCunt, “The Site” should’ve known better than to ever trust these BureauCunts℠; “The Site” had just recently been in the office of Dr. Sheryl Tucker listening to her drone on about how it would be better if “The Site” stayed at OSU and got its PhD in REMS instead of going to law school at Columbia. She seemed almost offended when “The Site” informed her that it wasn’t what it wanted to do. She just saw an exploitable commodity that told her, “No.”

Also, the reason this email that was never responded to by Mega-BureauCunt Sheryl Tucker is significant is because Oklahoma State University’s policies very clearly state that non-faculty members could NOT supervise a graduate student. Not to mention the fact that “The Site” had an equivalent amount and level of degrees as this ass-hat BureauCunt. It also probably had more experience, and knew how to run that department better than he could ever imagine … especially since he was frequently difficult to find, and according to his administrative assistant, he was at the casino in Perkins.

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