This is a bunch of #BureauCunts (per)version of the justice system. Every single one of these BureauCunts deserve to serve prison sentences.

My trial is (allegedly) on Monday. I may be in prison next week. I have an utterly incompetent #hemorrhOIDS℠ (aka Oklahoma Ignorant Defense System aka Public Defender aka Shyster) attorney, Virginia Banks, that has informed me that:

1. I do not have the right to a speedy trial.

2. I do not have the right to have the charges read and to enter a plea.

3. I do not have the right to face my accusers.

4. I can’t submit any evidence or witnesses on my behalf.

So, the final pre-trial conference is tomorrow, which I can’t get to because the BOB isn’t running this week; otherwise, I would, and then Monday is the beginning of the trial.

The only thing that gives me hope is that Laura the FAT COW Austin Thomas (the District Attorney for Payne in the Ass County #PITAC) is even more mentally incompetent than my attorney. #RICO


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