That day when “The Site” « came out » to itself after watching a Gay movie with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd was the best day of its life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Object_of_My_Affection

Watched it at the movie theater at 41st and Yale with its girlfriend until the movie ended.

Hit a car that day, and did what it was supposed to. It left a note with all its pertinent information under the windshield wiper. Some random, PMSing, angry, vile bitch that had nothing to do with it came up and started chewing out “The Site.” It asked if the car belonged to her, and she said, “No.” “The Site” replied, “Shut your fucking piehole you stupid cunt.” Luckily there was a sane police officer who came over and pretty much told her the same thing. He then told “The Site” that it did everything it was supposed to do, and we went inside to watch the move.

At the end with some virtual reality tears flowing, “The Site” came out to its girlfriend as the credits rolled.

She said, « I know. »

(Where does this fit with Cain’s Ballroom 80’s Night? So many stories and so little time.)

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