Quite Proud of This (Convoluted) Masterpiece of Deliciousness

La comida

Frankly, it’s too much work for a single Web site, but guess it was worth it.

Mastering the mise en place does help, but still…

Basically, it’s a street taco-inspired chicken and shrimps tacos with a bunch of fun topping choices. “The Site” recently became obsessed with topping spicy stuffs with bizarre quick slaws. Entonces, it shredded some carrots and thinly sliced some cabbage, tossed in some mayo, S&P, and used a maple syrup must vinegar aged in oak barrels for the acid. Also used a touch of cayenne to give it just a little kick. La ensalada de aguacate es casera y muy fácil. GoPokes.org also included a queso fresco with lime, fresh onion, cilantro, and sliced carrots marinated in vinegar and jalapeños. It then served it all with black beans and tortillas.




#Country. #FingerLickingGood (does that translate?)

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