So, “The Site” is NOT a singer. Just like it is NOT a keyboardist. It can, allegedly, play the piano.

Anywho, “The Site” is playing the piano for this little Baptist Church in the middle of nowhere, and we have an awesome soprano in the choir, an awesome choir, an awesome choir director, an awesome band, etc. This Easter we planned on performing a medley of In Christ Alone and The Solid Rock. Not an easy medley for anyone to attempt, especially not a tiny little Baptist church in the middle of nowhere, but we were ambitious to say the least. “The Site” was on piano, and everyone was ready to go until our soprano came down with the flu.

Not sure why, but when the choir director (mind you a week before Easter) asked if anyone else could sing the soloist’s part … for whatever reason, “The Site” chimed in that it would do it. Everyone looked a bit stunned and asked if “The Site” could sing. No one had ever heard it sing … at least not anyone outside of a drunken night of gay bar karaoke at DIK Bar … and even then those alcoholics never had a clue what they were listening to.

So, “The Site” had one emergency choir practice because it said if it was singing the song then the choir director had to play the piano. She needed to practice. It needed to practice. Everyone needed to practice. The song was arranged for a soprano, and the choir director asked if she needed to modulate it down a bit. “The Site” was like, “Why?” And she was like it has an F# in it. “The Site” doesn’t know how to sing, or what that even means, but it was like, “Whatevs.”

Easter comes. “The Site” is admittedly a bit nervous. The Church was expecting for “The Site” to do its usual Pentecostal-style of piano playing that they are typically treated to because it won’t play like an appropriate Baptist. But no! “The Site” gets up after some congregational singing, and the choir director sits down at the piano.

Frankly, it wanted to puke. It had never stood behind a skinny little microphone stand where a hundred-plus people are staring back at you, and there is no mood lighting. It is full-on sunny bright in that church. The band started to play. The choir started to sing, and “The Site” belted out a song that it had less than a week to learn, which was written for a soprano. The churchgoers sat silent for a moment, and then gave “The Site” a thunderous standing ovation for its performance.

“The Site” did not sing it as though it had done a line of cocaine prior to the performance. It took it at a much more sultry pace compared to this mega-church’s shenanigans, and it also sang it a lot higher. #FirstBaptistChurchDallas #WTF?

As its Gramma used to say, “Itses are not supposed to sing that high!”
But she totes loved it.

Sorry…after that, you’ve gotta listen to the one that “The Site” used as a roadmap for performing the song. That other version is a hot mess. What’s up First Baptist of Dallas?! Does Miss Jackie P. Cox need to come down there and give you a little Okie Baptist know-how?

A much better arrangement and performance.

Is an F# supposed to be a high note for a guy to hit? Seriously…dunno.

When “The Site” thinks of Christian high notes it thinks of Sandi Patty.

For example:

Yeah, Sandi made it famous, but this…oh, Jesus…this is the ABSOLUTE BEST ARRANGEMENT, PERFORMANCE, SINGING, CHOIR,

Hokai, so totes gorg on every level, but back to the issue-at-hand ––> high notes.

For example:

Gramma’s fave song. Also, did anyone ever stop to think that maybe this is where “The Site” got its musical stuffs?
PS This is not from cocaine usage.
This is pure God-given talent mixed with a whole lotta the Holy Spirit, itself.
(Oh, and a conductor doing his damnedest to hold it all together. #ConductorsNeverGetEnoughCredit.)
Or how about this? These are some high notes. #IMO

Still can’t believe it got to meet her and hear her sing, “God Bless America.”

After singing that song at 86-years-young and still hitting high notes like they were nothing, she told a story of her first time traveling with the Metropolitan Opera. They went to Atlanta to perform. She said when they arrived that the hotel owner did not realize Ms. Price was Black, and so she would not be allowed to stay. Ms. Price told the owner, “I do not mind if you put me in the stables with the horses for tonight. Tomorrow, when Atlanta hears me sing, they will rise to their feet in thunderous applause.” She did go onto say that a very nice white doctor and his wife took her in and made her stay very pleasant, and indeed, Atlanta rose to its feet in an almost obstreperous ovation for the woman that the hotel owner thought was too beneath his entitled guests for her to stay.

Loves High Notes … even when they’re a beautiful combination of head voice and whistle-tones.
(Although, “The Site” must point out that the Kazakh pronunciation of French is rather interesting.)

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