I am about to walk into a lions den of angry, vindictive BureauCunts.

I’m Johnny.

Payne County is Satan.

And this is my story.

But frankly, I am about to walk into a lion’s den of angry, vindictive BureauCunts. #HellHathNoFuryLikeaBureauCuntsScorn!

Sitting on the BOB to the Lower Depths of Hell. Seems fitting.


Brandon Neal Jones is feeling like Chaka Khan is gonna help me through the fire at Heaven’s Gates

And the irony of this being the next song…

A. Love Christian music

B. Love interpretative dance

C. Love lots of industrial-sized fans

D. w/ flowy clothing and simulated storms

E. Love Casting Crowns, but

F. Love Natalie Grant even more.



PS You know that we have Cher to thank for this atrocious phenomenon, right?

(Does the year 1998 ring a bell?)

#AndNowYouKnow. It’s all Cher’s fault.



Well, this is weird. The Judge and my attorney said this trial starts at 9AM. I’m here. No one else is.

I run down to the court clerk, and they say it starts at 10:30. They tell me to just sit in the courtroom and wait for my attorney.



Okay, so found my attorney. I guess my trial has been bumped due to a juvenile emergency. It is supposed to start at 10:30 now.
She informed me that they only have 2 witnesses of the 5 that they said they had, and that she’s going to just sit there and hand them the rope. She doesn’t think she needs to do anything, but then as she’s walking out of the room she says, “But be prepared just in case…you could be sentenced today, and you could be in jail tonight!”
I’m like whatever. Ugh. 🤦‍♂️
(Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t one last attempt to get me to fold. Sorry, but I’m all in!)

To be continued…


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