An alcoholic cunt and her sister.

Is the Key To Success

Also Known As the

Table of Contents

Years of Yore
c. 1981 – 2000


Satan Is the Evil Cunt that Gave Birth to It

The Experience of Countless Orgasms Before It Could Experience Its Own

**Death of My Grandfather

**Evil Cunt Cheats on Dad with Psych Patient from Parkside

**And then moves him and us kids into an apartment in Tulsa

**Edison Middle School –– first real experience with BureauCunts

Beaten / Battered / Abused

**Grandmother rescues me back to Claremore Public

**Drop out of school

**GED and RSU

NAÏVETÉ is Detrimental to I.Q.

How to Have Sex to Stay Alive at 16

**Beauty School

**Years of Miscellaneous Stuff

Years of Foment
c. 2000 – 2012


**More years of Miscellaneous Stuff

Beaten / Battered / Abused – Rewind

**Twelve and Twelve, etc.

**My first encounter (albeit brief) with Big Guy

**RSU some more before …

**Leaving for internship at NEA

**Job at NEA

Backstabbed by BureauCunts and the Evil Cunt that Gave Birth to Me

**RSU one final time, and this time I get ass-raped by a cabal of cunts named Steven Rosser and his fat little bitch Bryce Brimer over a paper that I wrote. I also realized that the rest of the art and english department was made up of spineless BureauCunts. (Foretelling: not sure why I didn’t figure this out before applying to Oklahoma Shit University?)

Years of Transformation
c. 2012 – 2016


**Homeless once again after the Evil Cunt was done using me. When am I ever going to learn?

**Accepted into #AmericasMOSTDISGUSTINGOrange and moved to Silly Stilly

**Violently assaulted by the PiggieCrats in Silly Stilly for no reason other than I am gay

The Idiocracy @ the Bartlett Center

**Rebecca Brienen tries to steal my research, Part 1

How a Professor Became the Harvey Weinstein of Land-Grant Universities

**Rebecca Brienen tries to steal my research, Part 2
PS Both times she failed. Thank you, Youtube!

Years of Trepidation
c. 2016 – 2023


**Masters degree with 4.0 and a ton of honors

**Final semester included sinus reconstruction surgery, cutting out my wisdom teeth, the death of my grandmother, and diagnosis of a tumor. I also completed the entire master’s degree in a constant migrainous state because the incompetent neurologist would not do an MRI and just kept prescribing new migraine pills.

**Walked across the stage on 6 May 2016

**Brain surgery for tumor – 23 May 2016

**Fired by Oklahoma State University after brain surgery – October 2023. There is way more to this story than just being fired.

Beaten / Battered / Abused – Part 3

**Disappear to South America for three months

**File complaints with Department of Education and EEOC. Both are worthless BureauCunts that just kept pointing fingers at the other

**Finally provided with my right to sue Oklahoma State University from the EEOC right before Christmas

**Found out that no attorney would take the case

**Evil Cunt decides that I have been recovering on my grandmother’s couch, makes up story to tell the police, they say they see no evidence, and Verdigris Chief of Piggicrats Cap’n Jack tells the Evil Cunt that she can tell the Rogers County Courthouse anything, and they’ll provide her with a protective order, which will get me out of the house in about 30-minutes.

**The beginning of my even more homeless than I was before period.

**Learning that my supposed best friend is a psychotic, lying cunt that has only been using me.

[Bureau]Cunts”R”Us: Hell Hath No Fury Like the Female Bureaucrat’s Scorn

[Bureau]Cunts”R”Us: Hell Hath No Fury Like the Female Bureaucrat’s Scorn, Part II

Totally & Permanently Disabled; (But hey, at least it tried!)

[Bureau]Cunts”R”Us: Hell Hath No Fury Like the Female Bureaucrat’s Scorn, Part III

#H8OKST8 (a truthful mockumentary exposing the very real allegations of abuse of power by public officials, collusion, discrimination, retaliation, selective / malicious prosecution, gross negligence, police brutality, racial profiling, clandestine cover-ups, and more! Allegedly, this site is everything a U.S. Attorney General would need to convene a grand jury to present a true bill for a litany of allegations neatly packaged with a RICO ribbon against almost every bureaucrat piggy in the State of Oklahoma…almost. It is also called ART!)

[Bureau]Cunts”R”Us: Hell Hath No Fury Like the Female Bureaucrat’s Scorn, Part IV

Years of Enlightenment
c. 2023 – TBD


[Bureau]Cunts”R”Us: Hell Hath No Fury Like the Female Bureaucrat’s Scorn – The Reckoning, Part V

Remember the Future

For now, don’t forget to check back often because “The Site” is going to explain 40-some-odd-years of its life. Think of this as a personal diary…it just happens to be wide-open and available to the public.

You may think that Peyton’s Place was scandalous…HA! HA! Hhhhh [cough] aaaaaA!

Yeah, and poor little Christina had such a rough life living with her Mommie Dearest, too. #RunningWithScissors!

There is more to come. This site will be under constant construction.

It’s very similar to the City of Tulsa’s incompetent #BureaucraticOligarchy, and its never-ending construction on everything.

(I am a recovering BureauCunt, you know. Everything I learned was from these cockroaches.)


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