The Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota postcard

Absolutely no one…well, no one that is still living…except maybe for all the BureauCunts℠ that make all this bullshit possible.

Without you worthless pieces of shit, there probably wouldn’t be a reason to exist.
#BurninHell #CallTheOrkinMan!

“The Site”

The lyrics of this song are powerful, painful, provoking, and poignant; but more importantly, they are telling “The Site” that its future is bright. #BECAUSEBUREAUCRATSARENOTHINGBUTCUNTS. #Freedom #Truth

C’est fini, c’est fini … c’est fini les amis ! #OINK*

*And for all the idiot Americans lacking in culture or intelligence, which unfortunately is the majority, it means: “That’s All Folks!” #PiggieCrats!


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