Although, “The Site” is curious why everyone talks about the Deus ex Machina, but never the Diabolus?

Anywho, the point of these subsequent posts will be to tie up all the loose-ends, maybe even provide a lesson like Mr. Rogers as to what “The Site” learned from these experiences, and/or potentially, a bit of interpretative dance accompanied by Indigenous flute solos from the country of Nepal. #WhenDidHistoryBegin?

“The Site” believes that this is one of those Mr. Roger’s moments. Perhaps?

Don’t believe there is anything subtextual going on here. Just wanted to share some nostalgic musical choices by Asbjørn. Also, not to be confused with that other dude, but he’s got a full beard, and “The Site” is wracking the CPU to remember his name. He grew up in a very small town nearby Aurora’s hometown, and it had a very elderly population. So, he grew up with no other kids his age. WTF? Is his name? Anywho, maybe it will come back during a de-frag …
Head’s up, but please do not confuse this video with the aforementioned indigenous Nepalese accompanied flautists for an interpretative dance piece. It is not that, but it may possess the same beauty and intent, nonetheless. Who knows? “The Site” hasn’t created the interperative dance video set to Nepalese flautists. So, it’s all very hypothetical at this point. Oh, and yes, they are fucking. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps.
“Nothing to lose … it is a very interesting position to be in, in this thing called life.” –Experience
Side note: is there anything more ridiculously adorable than Petite Meller? It’s almost obscene how fucking cute she is. lolz

Also, this totes reminds “The Site” of that woman with whom it used to chill. She didn’t have one, or two, or even seven plastic pink flamingoes in her backyard. Nope, she had hundreds. She told me that the key to keeping your plastic flamingoes from becoming tacky was to have a giant flock … not just one or two.
Well, this went way off into left field with all the Nordicness (avec un toucher de la français-ness ; nous n’oublions pas France ; non, nous nous n’oublons jamais la France ! Je ne vous oublie pas, non, jamais ; Vous êtes au creux de moi dans ma vie, dans tout ce que je fais. Mes premiers amours, mes premiers rêves, ils sont venus avec vous ; C’est notre histoire à nous. Je ne vous oublie pas, non, jamais ! Vous savez tant de moi–de ma vie, de tout ce que j’en fais. Alors mes bonheurs, mes déchirures se partagent avec vous. C’est notre histoire à nous. Je ne vous oublie pas … je ne vous oublie pas. –In the immortal words of the greatest [not actually] French Divas, herself, Mrs. Celine Dion!), but hopefully it’s been all been somehwhat educational. The original thought-process was definitely to be found in the 10,000 Maniacs’ song regarding this particular blog post. The rest have hopefully been educational in other ways.
This is quite beautiful.
Been in love with #HIGHASAKITE like totes forever. (Not being totally facetious, either. Love them!)
It’s been a long time Jan Terri … a long time. And that is an excellent ending.

To the night. (No clue from where this was born. This is a total oh-the-wonders-of-a-green-screen moment on the Youtubes.)

PS “The Site” would also like to thank everyone that participated (either willfully or otherwise) in its multi-decade, longitudinal study of human behavior.

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