Joey Senat

Fun Quotes from OSU Professors

Joey Senat, an associate professor of media law at OSU, said the new law is unnecessary to protect free speech on campus because the First Amendment already guarantees that right. But he said the bill could serve as a reminder to state colleges and universities that they cannot corral free speech and expression to certain areas of campus.

The Aftermath of Robert Mapplethorpe’s Censorship War

Thirty years ago, the acclaimed photographer challenged the nation's censorship laws. Now a new podcast is examining how far we've come. (Unfortunately for the readers of this article, there are multiple errors in logic and facts. This is the level of intelligence you get from a podcast, but there are some brief moments where a lightbulb turns on and something intelligent is said. Don't throw away the baby with the bathwater. Emphasis added to allow skimming to the intelligent portions of the article.)
Why ma' they're just out to tar and feather tonight!

There Is Nothing Quite Like Getting Your Rights Trampled by the OSU Feminist Collective

Especially when you are trying to explain to them that there is discrimination against not only a woman, but also a disabled, gay person, and they block "The Site" rather than hear the truth. So weird...or is it because they are trained to protect their own. They know what is happening, but why rustle the feathers, when the pay compared to the amount of work is so good. #OKStateWPAC Alleged Feminists but actually just cunts.
Inbreeding runs deep...

A BureauCunt℠ Being a Hypocritical Cunt … SHOCKING!

As I’m sure you’re aware, there has been a lot of coverage about Mike #Gundy’s recent public comments, including his #racism (and the fact that he has said many similarly offensive things in the past). Although, ironically, there has NOT been a lot of coverage about all the allegations of illegal and unethical activities being committed by a collusive cabal of bureaucrats at Oklahoma State University ––> NAMELY: LOUISE SIDDONS, REBECCA BRIENEN, GARY SANDEFUR, JAMES KNECHT, PAMELA FRY, SHERYL TUCKER, JASON KIRKSEY, et al. #PRISON4BUREAUCRATS!
The mentally retarded

Planning To Teach, Research, and Travel Abroad with Louise

The COVID-19 pandemic has paused virtually the entire world. What does that mean for researchers, especially those whose work entails international travel? One faculty member dealing with that question is art history professor Louise Siddons, who was recently awarded a summer stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program Award. The Fulbright will fund her travel to London’s Eccles Centre for American Studies, assuming there are no complications. But as we have seen over the past six months, complications are a regular part of living in a world infected by COVID-19. Louise talks about what it’s like to have your work as both a researcher and teacher in flux, why she likes abstract art, and what led her to research Laura Gilpin, a renowned photographer whose work documenting the lives of the Navajo Nation was featured in a 1957 exhibition at OSU. Episode 30: Planning to teach, research, and travel abroad with Louise Siddons. (Sorry, I had to fix the commas in that headline. OSU's CAS has a mentally handicapped marketing department, ostensibly?)
The O'Commy Project

Hargis Retiring As President and Holder’s Contract Up in June; So, Is OSU Seeing Changing Leadership? (Or Just a Bunch of Coward BureauCunts℠ Trying To Jump Ship?)

STILLWATER -- The announcent came on Friday afternoon, but give the Oklahoma State University student newspaper, The O'Colly, credit for officially breaking the story on Thursday that Oklahoma State University President V. Burns Hargis is retiring from his post at the end of the academic calendar for 2020-21 on July 1, 2021. There is also a possibility that Oklahoma State athletics will be looking for a new leader, which could allow for those two positions to come in as a tandem. It has been common at Power Five Division I schools for new leadership in those two areas to be timed or arranged to come in together. 

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