a fake video ... just like the university of oklahoma state.

OSU Continues Diversity (lol), Inclusion (seriously…are they gonna go there?!) Conversation Series (yeppers, totes lookins like they’res a goins theres) with Key University Leaders (hahahaha! cough, cough, cough, ha!!!!!)

"The Site" loves the choice of the word, circle, as it is used there. They will just circle on around these topics. You know, not really dive into the meat of it or anything because that would require work, which the bureaucratic oligarchy does not do...especially not in their adorable little ivory-colored #Zoom towers.
The O'Commy Project

Hargis Retiring As President and Holder’s Contract Up in June; So, Is OSU Seeing Changing Leadership? (Or Just a Bunch of Coward BureauCunts℠ Trying To Jump Ship?)

STILLWATER -- The announcent came on Friday afternoon, but give the Oklahoma State University student newspaper, The O'Colly, credit for officially breaking the story on Thursday that Oklahoma State University President V. Burns Hargis is retiring from his post at the end of the academic calendar for 2020-21 on July 1, 2021. There is also a possibility that Oklahoma State athletics will be looking for a new leader, which could allow for those two positions to come in as a tandem. It has been common at Power Five Division I schools for new leadership in those two areas to be timed or arranged to come in together. 
The Newest White Kids in Town

OSU’s Queen BureauCunt℠, Miss (allegedly) Dr. Kayse Shrum, D.O. (They Used To Have To Practice in Their Own Special Hospitals, and They Should, Again) Announces Her VERY WHITE AND SOMEWHAT OBESE Leadership Team

I mention the obese part because it reminds me of the time that the extremely FAT doctor at OSU was cramming McDonald's in his face while scolding me for my cigarette smoking. I'm like...uh, huh. Please, provide me with some more medical advice, and then take a look at yourself in the mirror. So, of course, the new head of OSU's alleged medical school is obscenely obese. He's an absolute model of what OSU considers health. Oh! AND DID YOU NOTICE HOW ABSOLUTELY WHITE IT IS?!? Diversity my ass. The Board of Regents is just as WHITE, but also OLD! Why the fuck are you young people worshiping the personality cult of the Old White Geezers?
America's MOST DISGUSTING Orange

OSU Officials Offer Statements on Big 12 Expansion Decision

ARE YOU READY FOR THE BULLSHIT ABOUT TO COME OUT OF THESE DUMB CUNT'S MOUTHS...This morning, I joined my fellow Big 12 university presidents to accept applications for membership into the Big 12 athletic conference from four respected universities with impressive athletic traditions. The application process represents the first in a series of steps to expand the conference and ensure we continue to compete at the highest level of competition for national championships in all women’s and men’s sports. I am enthusiastic about the future of Oklahoma State University athletics and welcome Brigham Young University, University of Central Florida, University of Houston, and the University of Cincinnati. The new Big 12 creates an impressive geographical footprint, and I appreciate the persistence, cooperation, and collaboration among my Big 12 colleagues and the Big 12 Conference office. In this process, I have talked with many presidents, athletic directors and college sports leaders across the country. I enjoyed the support and valued the advice. We have made many new friends, and I look forward to building these relationships. The leadership of our athletic director, Chad Weiberg, has been invaluable on many fronts. I am proud to work alongside Chad as we are both passionate about our alma mater, our state’s land-grant university, Oklahoma State.

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