There is a paper trail of the bullshit the #BO in Stillwater, #OKState, #PITAC have pulled, covered-up, colluded and retaliated against, and tried to silence the voice of a gay, disabled man unwilling to sit quietly by while these overpaid, underworked jokers get to abuse their power. They are disgusting excuses for human beings. They are BureauCunts!

When it come to taking on the Bureaucratic Oligarchy of Stillwater, OK in Payne in the Ass County, they don’t give two shits what the law says.

They only care about what keeps their pockets lined with taxpayer dollars.

Will I ever learn? (The Fortune-teller Hag Lady says, “That’s a definite hell no!”)

Funny thing is … the City of Stillwater, and all of those #BureauCunts℠ copied on that letter … decided to go with the story that there was a technical glitch that erased all of the footage from the time that I was placed into the 5-point-restraint system until they got it up and running again once I was out, showered of the feces and urine, and back in my clothes in a jail cell.

They also conveniently had all the footage up to the point of them committing this crime.

There are people copied on this Open Records request that had a legal duty to report, in my non-attorney opinion. These people are the cockroaches of humanity.



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