A New Chapter, A New Story, A New History

I'm a person, too. -Dexter

… is coming soon to a theater (notice that nice American-spelling, Bryce?) near you.

Planned Release Date : 31/12/2023

This is not the ending … only the beginning.

There’s something very significant about the number seven. It was “The Site’s” sperm-donor’s favorite number. It became “The Site’s” favorite number, and it is significant in so many other ways. For example, we are coming up on seven-years since “The Site” was violently raped by the Bureaucratic OKIEgarchy, and now it is time to move on. The mentally challenged twats running any portion of our government are unfixable. PERIOD! Also, the Bible says that we need to release our slaves and our debtors and our debts and all that other jazz every seven years. So, “The Site” will abide, and say adieu to this nonsense. It is now time to enjoy other pursuits.

This Is No Longer “The Site’s” Burden To Bear. It Never Should Have Been.

Just seven years … it’s been fun, and now it is time to wipe the slate clean.

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